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prissi: sempai notice me pls

my name is $username. I am a support administrator

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“My name is $username. I am a support administrator. I admin $category, so that makes me a $category admin. I have admin privs. I have membership in lj_supportadmin. I enjoy being an admin, even if I have to answer lots of FAQ references.”

Transcribed by: jai_dit
my heart is: amused


Muahahah! The fack army grows!

Hahahaha. WIN!

Your voice is so cute. :D

Haha, thanks. <3 (only. that's not really what I sound like all the time. :x)


Hah, I miss our long lines of l33t babble-esque/Priss speak

Me too. :(

I was thinking of texting you today. While I was in church. :x